conversion kit

M2HB weapons can be converted to US Ordnance M2QCB system using our conversion kit by an armorer at the customer location in less than 30 minutes per weapon - without complex tools and machines. QCB Conversion Kit Part Number: 29211

major improvements
  • Fixed headspace and timing eliminate safety concerns associated with barrel changing and improper timing
  • Greatly increases the safety level for operating personnel
  • Affords changing of the barrel in 10 or fewer seconds
  • U.S. Ordnance QCB system utilizes standard barrel threads, allowing standard M2HB barrels to be used in the QCB gun when needed, in emergencies or training
  • M2HB machine guns can be converted to U.S. Ordnance M2A2 by an armorer at the customer location in fewer than 30 minutes per weapon using only the QCB conversion kit and no complex tools or machines
  • U.S. Ordnance barrel alignment and retention system assures the barrel is securely locked and aligned
  • Improved barrel handle simplifies hot-barrel changing
  • Non-QCB parts are interchangeable with M2HB machine guns, and spare parts eliminate logistics concerns during fielding
  • M2A2 weapons are available via U.S. Government FMS contract W52H0909D0270