M2HB Heavy Machine Gun Product Photo
12.7 mm NATO
Max Effective Range
1830 Meters (2000 yds)
Muzzle Velocity
929 m/s (3050 fps)
Rate of Fire (cyclic)
450-600 Rounds per minute
Weight (complete gun)
36.74 kg (81 lbs)
Barrel Weight
11.79 kg (26 lbs)
Length (complete gun)
1644 mm (64.75 in)
Barrel Length
1143 mm (45 in)
230 mm (9 in)
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*Note: Photo shown with optional tripod.
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The U.S. Ordnance M2HB is an air-cooled, belt-fed, machine gun that fires from a closed bolt and operates on the short recoil principle. It is capable of both sustained automatic and accurate single-shot fire. The M2HB machine gun is used extensively as a vehicle, boat, helicopter or other aircraft mounted weapon by the United States and most NATO countries. Because ammunition may be fed from either the left or the right side of the gun, it is suitable for use by both infantry and in armored vehicles. In service with the U.S. military and the armed forces of more than 23 countries, the M2HB is the world standard in heavy machine guns. U.S. Ordnance is under a multi-year contract to supply M2HB machine guns to the U.S. military.

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US Ordnance is under a mult-year contract to supply M2HB machine guns to the US Military. Due to the success of our firearms worldwide, and current production for the U.S. Government, we can assure availability of replacement parts in the future.

  • U.S. government long-term contract ensures ongoing parts interchange with all M2HB machine guns produced in the United States
  • Can be mounted onto all types of armored, light and heavy vehicles; patrol boats; helicopters; and other aircraft
  • Fires all types of NATO ammunition: Ball, Tracer, AP, API, APIT, AP Hardcore and Multipurpose
  • Sustained automatic or single-shot firing
  • Simple, durable and rugged design for easy maintenance
  • Fires from the closed bolt for single-shot accuracy
  • Replaceable heavy barrel assembly
  • Adjustable headspace and timing
  • Converts from left hand to right hand feed
  • Various mounting applications
  • Can be fired manually or by solenoid
  • Available in M48 Turret Type (1005-00-957-3893), Fixed Type Right Hand Feed (1005-00-122-9339), Fixed Type Left Hand Feed (1005-00-122-9368) and Soft Mount (1005-01-343-0747)
  • Improved sighting system
  • Optional positive safety selector for the trigger mechanism to prevent accidental discharges while manning the weapon system and traveling over rough terrain
  • Optional quick-detach flash reducer