conversion kit

The U.S. Ordnance M60E6/E4 Conversion Kit upgrades any serviceable M60 receiver to the M60E6/E4 configuration. Upgrades can be performed at U.S. Ordnance or the customer facility after training by U.S. Ordnance staff. When the conversion kit is installed on a serviceable M60, U.S. Ordnance issues a new gun warranty. Using only the kit, an armorer at the customer location can convert and upgrade a serviceable M60 machine gun in fewer than 30 minutes, without complex tools and machines.

major improvements
  • Light and compact design increases mobility
  • M1913 rail top-cover allows for mounting optics
  • Improved feedcam assembly eliminates charging jams and improves operator safety by allowing a belt loaded, but not charged, feature; the 30% improved belt pull increases reliability
  • Lightweight forearm/pistol grip improves control and increases heat protection
  • Integrated M1913 Picatinny rail handguard for mounting laser aiming devices and other sensors (Mod 1 only)
  • Fail-safe, reversible gas piston with simplified gas system
  • Chromium Cobalt Alloy lined, sustained fire barrels for application flexibility and extended barrel life
  • Adjustable front sight allows for primary and spare barrels zeroing
  • Offset barrel handle provides a clear sight picture and eliminates needing a heat mitten for barrel changes
  • Lightweight, one-hand operated, receiver-mounted bipod eliminates bipod weight on the spare barrel
  • Improved trigger group prevents incorrect assembly and features an ambidextrous safety and winter/NBC trigger guard
  • New flat spring latch on trigger assembly prevents accidental trigger assembly detachment
  • Receiver-mounted ammunition hanger provides a stable and secure mounting point for ammunition pouch and isolates the feed tray to prevent accidental damage
  • Lightweight buttstock with hinged shoulder rest and improved buffer attachment mechanism affords fail-safe attachment of the buttstock to the receiver
  • Two sear notches minimize the possibility of a runaway gun
  • All major components directly interchange with other M60 configurations
  • Adapts to all standard M60 tripod and vehicle mounts