40x53mm High Velocity
All high velocity 40mm (NATO-qualified)
Max Effective Range
2,000 meters (2,187 yards) - area target
1,500 meters (1,640 yards) - soft target
Max Range
2,212 meters (2,419 yards)
Muzzle Velocity
241 meters per second (790 feet per second)
Rate of Fire (cyclic)
325-375 rounds per minute
77.6 pounds (35 kg)
43.1 inches (1,095 mm)
13.4 inches (340 mm)

US Ordnance produces the MK19 MOD 3 40mm grenade machine gun which is air cooled, blow back operated, automatic fire, belt-fed weapon that has an angle of fire between 70 degrees elevation and 70 degrees depression. The MK19 MOD 3 is not designed to cook off because it fires from an open bolt and has a low barrel temperature during rapid fire. It is capable of firing various rounds, such as the M430A1 High Explosive Dual Purpose (HEDP) grenades 40mm grenades, at a cyclic rate of 325 to 375 rounds per minute.

The MK19 MOD 3 can dominate space at short and long range distances with continuous firepower. When employed on the battlefield, it is capable of delivering lethal fire against a variety of targets, including lightly armored vehicles and dismounted infantry out in the open, in defilade, or in entrenched fighting positions. Due to its low recoil and comparatively light weight, the MK19 MOD 3 has been adapted for use on many different platforms, including small attack boats and fast attack vehicles, such as the Humvee (HMMWV), AAV and Stryker, military jeeps and a large variety of naval mounts.

HEDP grenades will penetrate 75mm rolled homogenous armor at a maximum range of 2,212 meters which means it can penetrate most infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers. Dismounted personnel within a radius of 15 meters from impact will be immobilized by blast and fragmentation. The MK19 MOD 3 is especially effective when used against enemy infantry formations.

Since it is highly portable within small and large units, the weapon’s high lethality and broad versatility make it the prime choice of U.S. warfighters as an essential weapon in both offensive and defensive operations.

  • Mounting rail for optics and accessories
  • Various mounting and tripod configurations
  • Sustained automatic firing
  • Dual spade grips for stable control
  • Removable barrel
  • No headspace or timing adjustments required
  • Open-bolt firing and low barrel temps during rapid fire engagements eliminates the possibility of a cook off and enhances cooling between shot bursts
  • Simple design for easy general maintenance
  • Weapon life of 50,000 rounds
  • Vehicle or ground mounted
  • Chrome bore barrel
  • Belt pull – 28 round without reduction to rate of fire