This course teaches operator's and armorer's how to properly care for and maintain U.S. Ordnance Crew Served Weapons, Medium Machine Guns, and Light Machine Guns.
  • Crew Served Weapons: M2A2, M2HB, M48, and MK19 MOD3.
  • Medium Machine Guns: M240/GPMG, M240C, and M240D.
  • Light Machine Guns: M60E6, M60E4, M60E3, M60, and M60D Enhanced.
Instructors cover the following in depth:
  • Safe and proper weapons handling procedures
  • General data and nomenclature for all M60 & M240 Series Machine Guns
  • Variants and modifications to the M60 & M240/GPMG Series Machine Guns
  • General and detailed disassembly of weapons and components
  • Identification of mismatched parts and components

Instruction on armorer-level disassembly includes the:
  • Feed tray cover
  • Bolt to include extractor, ejector and stoning of surfaces
  • Trigger group
  • Gas system
  • Barrel group disassemblies, including the carrying handle
  • Receiver group, including the bipod, ammunition hanger, fore-grip and rear sight assembly

Instruction on weapons-related specifications and tolerances includes:
  • Barrel erosion
  • Headspace
  • Firing pin protrusion
  • Maintenance and inspection of all weapon components
  • Identification and replacement of worn or broken parts
  • Care, cleaning and lubrication
  • Proper weapons assembly
  • Performance of a proper function check
  • Cycle of operation
  • Malfunctions and troubleshooting, including immediate and remedial actions
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