MK43-MOD0 Medium Machine Gun Product Photo
7.62 mm NATO
Max Effective Range
1100 Meters (1200 yds)
Max Range
3725 Meters (4075 yds)
Muzzle Velocity
853 m/s (2800 fps)
Rate of Fire (cyclic)
500-600 Rounds per minute
Weight (short barrel)
9.17 kg (20.21 lbs)
Weight (long barrel)
9.35 kg (20.61 lbs)
Weight (heavy fluted barrel)
9.60 kg (21.48 lbs)
Barrel Length (short)
939.8 mm (37 inc)
Barrel Length (long)
1066 mm (42 in)
Barrel Length (heavy fluted)
965 mm (38 in)
120 mm (4.8 in)

The 7.62mm NATO Mk43 General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) features the latest improvements to the M60 Series Machine Guns. It is a gas-operated, disintegrating-link, belt-fed, air-cooled machine gun. It fires from an open bolt and features a quick-change barrel. The Mk43 Mod 1 features a machined aluminum feed cover with an integrated M1913 Picatinny rail for mounting optics. An aluminum M1913 rail handguard affords mounting of infrared laser aiming devices and other sensors, giving the weapon 24-hour capability. The Mk43 Mod 0 features an injection-molded, composite handguard and typically is used as an infantry machine gun.

conversion kit
key features

Older M60 weapons can be converted to US Ordnance Mk43 system using our conversion kit by an armorer at the customer location in less than 30 minutes per weapon - without complex tools and machines. Mk43 Conversion Kit Part Number: 29077

MK43 Conversion Kit
  • Reliable and user friendly
  • Light and compact design provides increased mobility and allows for accurate offhand (shouldered), direct fire support
  • Multiple M1913 rail mounting points for mounting optics, aiming lasers and accessories
  • Stellite®-lined sustained fire barrels for extended barrel life, available in short, long or heavy fluted configuration for application flexibility
  • Controllable, yet lethal, rate of fire allows for accurate firing in offhand, kneeling and prone positions
  • Ambidextrous safety facilitates easy use
  • All major components directly interchange with other M60 configurations
  • Mounts directly or adapts to all standard NATO tripod and vehicle mounts